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Smart Meters are the new way forward for getting accurate electricity consumption patterns of consumers and remove the need for manual meter reading, thereby reducing data entry errors and associated costs.
Smart Meters remotely relay the meter readings to the power distribution companies and form a part of the overall Government's initiative of Smart Grids and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).
Our Smart Meters are next generation devices designed to operate independent of a communication system, with a plug and play modular approach. DLMS is the Application Layer for the communication module, enabling plug and play support for any third party's COM module, being totally independent of the Physical Layer (WiFi, GPRS, RF and PLC).


  • Single phase smart meter 2 Wire, direct connected, 230 V A/C 5-30A | 10-60A | 10-80A .
  • 3 phase smart meter 4 wire CT operated (LTC), 230 V A/C 5-10A.
  • 3 phase smart meter 4 wire direct connected, 230 V A/C 10-60A | 10-100A


  • Manual meter reading will be eliminated, thereby labour costs can be saved.
  • You are in control of your energy costs, based on your energy use.
  • Accurate bills, with no more meter reading errors.
  • Pay for what you actually use, no more overpaying.


  • IS16444 complied
  • DLMS inbuilt confirming IS 15959
  • DLMS tunnelling over the communciation physical layer end to end
  • DSM – Demand response and management
  • Four quadrant measurements
  • Remote load control - Integrated remote connect/disconnect
  • Class 1.0, Class 2.0, Class 0.5S, class 0.2S
  • ABT features both in single and three phase
  • Harmonics measurements for Voltage and Current from fundamental to 31st Harmonics
  • Programmable prepaid
  • Programmable metering

How it works?

  • Install and connect the Smart Meter to the home’s electric panel/DB
  • Start getting real-time info on your power use
  • The Smart Meter will start automatically identifying power load and power consumed units
  • SMS and Email alerts will be sent by the energy supplier
  • Payment can be done online thru digital payment and also includes prepaid

Smart Metering


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