Who we are

Smart Centric creates remarkable hardware, software and provides complete solutions for our customers. Smart Centric has over 9000 + Active Devices all over India.

What we do

  • * Tablets, Laptops and Smart Phones devices at scale (in the 100s or 1000s), without any hassles or headache associated with procurement on your own

  • * Touch-screen tablets, Laptops and Smart Phones with different variations at the most competitive prices

  • * Strengthen Brand India with a "Made in India" product for your product

  • * Label your prodcut name on them and distribute to your employees, partners and other stakeholders

  • * Easily scale large numbers for your deliverables

We deliver devices for ...

Tablets for Education

We do Tablets, Laptops and Smart Phones for the education sector.Available for reading in different formats, styles and backdrops.

Tablets for Private & Government

We are working with various companies in the private sector (including banking & financial services) as well as Governments at both Center and State level to support them to meet their project deadlines.

Smart Phones of every range

Get a smart phone with your desired specifications at a competitive price. Launch your own brand today.

Laptops of every range

Get customized laptops with your desired specifications at your own price. Launch your own brand today.

Services Achieved

We have achieved a position for ourselves amongst the highly recommended Tablet PC & Accessories manufacturers in India

Make your own Product

Choose your display size, specifications, models and chipsets fitting your needs and leave the rest to us.