Artificial Intelligence

Today, there is no field that is left untouched by the influence of AI. Right from agriculture to heavy industry to online commerce to transportation to education to financial services to healthcare and more, AI has a pervasive presence in almost every aspect of the value chain and will continue its relentless march in the automation of routine tasks, pattern recognition, predictive analytics and insights for decision making.

Smart Centric has developed solutions based on AI in both the BFSI and Education markets.  In the BFSI space, Smart Centric implemented an Esurveillance solution for banks to enable a 3600 view of their ATM assets, resulting in lowered costs, faster event response times and greater customer satisfaction, from a safety and security standpoint.

The solution comprised a gateway device, various cameras to capture images and set off alarms for things such as overcrowding, wearing a helmet or mask while entering the ATM booth, emergency health situation for a customer inside the ATM room etc. and also integrating different sensors for measuring physical parameters such as smoke, fire, humidity, temperature, motion, vibration and for chemical leaks. The dashboard interface that could be accessed via any Internet-enabled device gave a Video Analytics-driven view of every ATM asset of the bank where this solution was implemented, while also using IoT for driving power savings during late-night hours (with remote switch on/off of A/C).

In the Education space, Smart Centric developed and installed an AI-driven offline Voice-enabled software on 10” Android-based touchscreen tablets comprising answers to questions on various school curriculum subjects and distributed it to over 8,300 schools in 83 aspirational districts in 13 states in India. This helped students understand critical concepts in various subjects and introduced them to the technologies of the future such as IoT, AI, ML, Robotics, VR/AR, Blockchain, RFID etc, resulting in favorable outcomes such as improved attendance, increased class participation and an appreciation for technology in general.

The solution comprised an AI-powered back engine that updated itself whenever the tablet could establish a net connection from the remote area, the index of questions both answered and unanswered, while fetching the answers in real-time for the unanswered questions and thus making it a learning algorithm that could provide more answers as the number of questions increased. The architecture so designed for this purpose could ensure that the poor net connectivity in some of the aspirational districts would not become a limiting factor hindering the learning of the students and would update itself remotely in a self-learning manner so that the same question asked again later would fetch the right answer.

Our Solution Offerings and our Roadmap for AI

Our range of AI-based Solution offerings covers the gamut of business problems facing enterprises in these times of having to deal with Big (and many times unstructured) Data and the need for optimization algorithms to manage the same, with insights for informed decision-making
  • Provide AI-driven solutions for the enterprise

  • Future-proof businesses by tracking technology changes and upskilling resources

  • Deliver on time and enable ROI that justifies cost investments in AI-led enterprise transformation projects

  • Our Team brings a copious amount of experience to bucket all AI demands including Text Analytics, Visual Analytics, Semantic Information Retrieval, Deep Learning and Unsupervised Problem Solving

Smart Centric has the capability to develop and implement a variety of AI-based solutions for your organization and we would encourage you to get in touch with us.

Internet of Things

IoT has become the infrastructure backbone of the Internet economy. Simply put, IoT enables devices to talk to each other seamlessly over a network without human intervention and update themselves with real-time actionable data. Today, there are more devices connected to the Internet than there are humans and this trend is only going to accelerate in the future, with the smartphone turning out to be perhaps the equivalent of a remote that can control any device on the network.

An IoT architecture would usually comprise sensors, routers, switches, smart devices, gateways and a plethora of other gadgets that may be specific to an industry. These would be connected via LAN, WAN, WiFi, RFID, GPRS, GPS, TCP/IP and other communication protocols to form a grid of connected devices communicating and generating in real time copious amounts of data on the status of various objects, whether they are on/off, connected/disconnected, various physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, humidity levels and so on.  In essence, IoT enables the equivalent of health checks on the various devices on a network and provides alerts for timely action, be it manual or automated.

Smart Centric has implemented various IoT-led solutions in various verticals such as Fleet Management, BFSI, Education, Food Delivery, Pet Tracking and Power Management. In BFSI, we developed a gateway device from ground up that can communicate with various cameras and sensors for bank ATMs. With Fleet Management, we developed an Integrated Logistics Tracking solution. In Education, we implemented a Student Tracking System. We also developed GPRS-based Wireless Printers to print food orders over the net for restaurants, a collar-like device for Pet Tracking to track dogs comprising RFID, GPRS and GPS and a device to measure and regulate power consumption in offices and households.

Smart Centric offers a complete Fleet Management Platform with Intelligent Logistics Tracking (ILT) and Cold Chain. The platform enables Live Vehicle Tracking with features on up-to-date maintenance records, insights on driver behavior and a vehicle scorecard.

Smart Centric also intends to drive the benefits of IoT and Blockchain based automation in the agricultural sector including cold chain and looks forward to partnering with the Government on this initiative.  We can help your organization with any solution involving IoT, as we have considerable experience implementing IoT solutions across industries and use cases. Please get in touch with us.


One of the happening technologies currently is Blockchain, which is otherwise known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Blockchain is the underlying technology powering all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ether being the most prominent among them. Blockchain can also be implemented in businesses without the need for cryptocurrency and is outstanding in its benefits such as single version of truth, privacy and security.

The nature of Blockchain is one of fundamentally impacting an organization’s supply chain, work flow processes, record keeping and statutory compliance.  Blockchain has a beneficial impact on stakeholders – both internal and external, by bringing greater transparency and end-to-end visibility on transactions, processes and other functional aspects of an organization’s ecosystem. Its effects are far-reaching as it helps build trust and integrity, thus increasing the value of the enterprise.

For a Cryptocurrency-based ICO project, we had developed the KYC and AML parts as a prelude to the offering of the coin from the platform and had also prepared the Smart Contracts for execution on the Ethereum Blockchain network.

End-to-End Blockchain Enabled Supply Chain
Farm-to-Fork Agricultural Blockchain
Smart Centric has an experienced team to help build and deliver blockchain solutions to your organization. Call us to find out how we can help bring the power of Blockchain to drive value across your organization.

Mobility Solutions

A Mobile App today is the default way to interact with the world out there whether it is for banking, buying goods and services, playing games, communicating with friends and family and for everything else. With Android having a greater share of the market and iOS as the only other mobile operating platform having the maximum number of apps, any business that has a large base of users, whether they are customers or vendors has an imperative to create an app and load it with features at least at a baseline level.

Mobile application development can be easy or present itself with challenges based on things such as number of features, going native vs hybrid, interoperability and the need to plug into other systems and so on. For organizations that are already running their IT departments at full load, taking on mobile app development can be an extra overhead, best left in the hands of specialist app developers.

Mobility Solutions
Smart Centric can be your partner of choice for mobile app development as we have good experience building both native and hybrid apps on the leading OS platforms, with intuitive interfaces supported by robust backend infrastructure. We have created apps for the power industry, consumer electronics and remote monitoring. We have also tested our apps for scaling to thousands of users and with support for rich content – text, audio and video. Reach out to us for all your mobile app development needs and we will deliver what you want.




At SmartCentric, we believe in letting the human attributes merge with machine learning to create algorithms that are personalized. Buddi that we believe to be an intelligent friend, simulates all attributes of a smart friend through the machine while bringing technologies like AI, AR/VR, and Blockchain together at play. Using data at the center of determining one’s activities and patterns, the contextual intelligence lets the real-world scenarios shape algorithms that function differently for each individual.

Smart Centric’s flagship product buddi is a touch and voice-based personal assistant device that functions in three modules including buddi View, buddi Touch and buddi Talk. Buddi’s technological integration is a marquee in designing future smart homes, private workplaces and government offices.



Powered by an in-house developed NLP, buddi can also work on an offline mode.



buddi uses Blockchain technology to provide the necessary security and privacy without compromising the scalability.



buddi platform can be extended to build B2B solutions for verticals like the Government sector, Education sector, and Healthcare domain.
Here’s what buddi as a platform offers in terms of technical features:



buddi’s installation isn’t subject to its online or offline status. The device can be installed in either of the two modes.



Currently being operated in English, buddi system supports 7 Indian languages along with 7 global languages.



buddi devices are IoT ready, with abilities to integrate smart homes and other wellness devices.